Annual Vinyl Pizzaioli Competition

Tonight's the night: the Annual Vinyl Pizzaioli Competiton!

The contestants have to prove their skills:

Concentration and hard work...

Who will win???

The quality of every single ingredient is important,

and of course their final personal touch!

The pizzas are ready for the oven

You have to know the exact cooking temperature

and control the baking time!

The jury arrives just in time!

The pizzas look great

It's time to try them!

Both are delicious!

So, who is the winner?

It's not that easy to say... We'll have to try another slice to know!

So, you know already who is the winner?

But, there's only one slice left and you still don't haven't decided wich is the best pizza!?!

Well, we'll have to finish the pizzas to be sure of the winner!

But, there's no pizza left and you still have not decide which is the winning pizza?

Both pizzas were really good, we're sorry but it's impossible to decide
The two contestants are tied. Nobody wins the competiton!

So after all day cooking, there's no winner and we haven't even able to try our own pizzas!

Yes, thank you... but if you excuse us, we're getting really sleepy,
you know after eating 2 pizzas... can you please let us sleep in peace?

This is incredible, what a jury!
After not letting try our own pizzas, they aren't able to decide who is the winner and they end up snoring in our sofa!


9 Tips for Vintage Furniture Restoration

 Nancy has found a vintage wardrobe in the fleamarket and she is going to give us some practical tips in order to achieve a successful restoration

 1. Before starting, be sure to have all the tools and materials you will need during the whole process 

 2. Always take previous accurate measurements

 3. Keep the working area clean and tidy

 4. Conserve and protect the intact pàrts of your new furniture

 5. If you have to access the high parts, use a safe and reliable ladder

 6. Avoid distractions while performing dangerous actions

 7. If you make any mistake...

...don't dispair or give up,

 Keep on working!!!

8. Once you are finished, clean the area as soon as possible...

...make it shine as it was brand new!!!

9. Use and enjoy your restored vintage furniture!