Carnaby's Mods & Piccadilly's Punks

 Why is Nancy wearing a thick wool jumper in July?

Why is she in a double-decker bus?

 What is she looking for in this map?

  Oh, yes, of course! Carnaby Street!!!

 - But this is full of tourists, where have all the mods gone???

 The following day, she takes another bus
Guess where is she going???

 You were right: Piccadilly!

 - But this is full of tourists, where have all the punks gone???

 After these two disappointments, Nancy decides to go to Hamleys to visit a good old friend
The Paddington Bear gives her some really good advises:

 - Go to Mister Wu Restaurant in Chinatown and eat all that you can just for 6,95!!!

 - If you survive to Mr Wu delicacies, you can then go to Columbia Flower market and buy yourself some nice colourful flowers...

 - At the end of the day, go to the Madison Roftop terrace and enjoy the best views of St Paul's Cahedral...

- and who knows... maybe you end up finding there the men of your life!!!


Twin Souls

 Saucy-Green and Saucy-Pink used to be like twins souls

 They didn't have to talk to understand each other's feelings

 and they had a lot of fun and laughs together!

  But suddently, one day Saucy-Green began to feel bored...

 Sucy-Pink's funny faces, were not fanny anymore for her!

 So she decided to add some else in her relationship... 
a much younger little doll named Strawberry Cheese Cake.

Saucy-Pink was really jealous and unhappy, 
but Saucy-Green had an idea:

- Close your eyes... I have a surprise for you!!!

 - Look, I've found another Strawberry Cheese Cake doll  just for you!

 Since that day the four of them live toghether and they have never get bored again!!!


Pierina's Day at the Sea

Summer has finally arrived...

 ...Pierina takes her beach kit and her favourite doll Alina and goes the sea!

 Alina is so exited, it's her first time at the sea!!!

Could you ever imagine anything more beautiful than this big blue thing, Alina?

 Let's play with the sand!!!
  - Look, Pierina, a little girl!!!

-  She seems interested in us...

  - Hi, my name is Aitana. May I play with you?

 - Yes, we shall be friends if you wish...

 - You can use my toys if you want...

 ... but be carefull with my doll Alina, it's a very special one!

  After Aitana's gone with her parents, Pierina decides to have some snack by the sea
- Yes, it's nice to be finally alone, but suddenly...

 .. something really weird approaches Pierina! 

 - Oh my god! What is is this beast???

 -Hello, my name is Ferro, and I'm a dog

Can you through me the ball to pick it up for you?

- Come on!  Please, Please! Do it for me!!!

Pierina throughs the ball as far as she can, so she can be free from the dog

Alone again! 
It's time for a good and quiet siesta under the sun!


 When she wakes up, she decides to go for a walk on the shore... 

I'ts so nice to feel the sand and the water on her feet!

Yes! Pierina's first day at the sea has been a complete success!!!