Slight Differences

Adults think teenagers are all the same...

 They all wear the same cloths,

 they all do and like the same things

but if you take a close look

 you can begin to notice the differences...

 ... the big differences

 and the slight ones that unveil their real personality!

 Nothing is the same

 even if it looks almost alike

Let's toast to our slight differences that make us the same!


Why Can't We Be Friends?

  We may have different skin colors or speak differents languages, even follow differents traditions or religions

 There's so many cultures in the world, but...

 ... why can't we be friends?

 Why can't we be friends?

 Why can't we be friends?

 Why can't we be friends?

 Why can't we be friends?

 Why cant't we be friends?

 Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?

 Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?



Halloweenyada 2015... The Return!

Do you have a dilemma?
 Why do you have to choose...

...if you can have two in one!
Halloweenyada 2015 - The Return!!!


Las Gretas dream of Las Grecas

The school year started more than one month ago
Tomorrow Las Gretas have their first exam: literature!

 It's looks like this year they are really going to study hard
It's unbeliveable: they are together in silence, just reading!!!!

 they even seem to enjoy their lectures!!!

 But 5 minutes later: 

But why are they now dressed like that? Can you hear the drums and music playing? 
What a hell is going on?!?

Te estoy amando locamenti,

pero no sé como te lo vi'a decir.

 Quisiera que me comprendieras,

 y sin darte cuenta te alejas de mi.

Prefiero no pensar, prefiero no sufrir.

Lo que quiero es que me beses,

recuerda que deseo tenerte muy cerca,

pero sin darte cuenta te alejas de mi.

 Si me acobenzo, si me acombenzo,

dame tu ausenci que sabe a beso,

Ay nanai na naina, ay nanai na naina, 

ay nanai nananai nanana!

Ay nanai na naina, ay nanai na naina

ay nanai nananai nanana!!!


If tomorrow exam was on singing or dancing, Las Gretas would pass it successfully!

Keep on dreaming, Grecas!!!


Southeast Asia Tour: Bali and Gili Islands

After meeting in Singapore, Nancy takes Pulip to Bali
She's searching for Paradise as Pulip requested

But Paradise is not such an easy place to find. 
The way to Paradise is still a long way ahead: after travelling by land, sea and air...

...they finally arrive to Gili Meno Island!

This is a funny place...

There is not a single car in the whole island: just horses or bikes
Yes, it looks as this could be the paradise they are looking for!

No alarm clocks or electric horns: just roosters and hens that wake you up at the breaking Dawn

No suppermarkets or shopping malls, just some casual vendors in the beach

Nancy and Pulip explore the island on foot

The deeper they explore, the more they are sure that this island is the closest place to paradise they could ever find in earth

It's plenty of life everywhere you look at!

and at the sme time it's the ideal place to experience the absolute...


Yes! This is definitely what they were looking for!

Moreover, the inhabitants of Gili Meno are open and friendly to foreigners

Nancy and Pulip spend hours talking and playing with them

Time flies when you are having fun!

But Nancy knows that this situation cannot last too long
She has to go back home soon and she senses that Pulip has something important to announce her... 

Pulip has decided to stay in Gili Meno forever
She has found somebody who wants to adopt her and who will always take care of her;
this is the real Paradise!

At the beginning Nancy is sad of losing Pulip... 
but finally she understands that she will never loose her, that what they've shared will last a long as they live!

The time to leave Gili Meno has arrived

Nancy waits in Bali's airport for the plane that will take her back home
While she drinks her last Bintang Beer, she remembers already with nostalgia all the great adventures she's lived and the great friends she's made during her Southeast Asia Tour