Pink Spring

 Spring is a crazy season: you never know if it's going to be cold or warm, or if you are going to need your umbrellla...

 The Nancys love to walk in the parc to enjoy spring's charms

 The Pink Spring is irresistible!

 It's seems they are not the only ones to appreciate the season colors

 And after the walk, it's nice to rest in a flowered meadow

How can a flower be so simple and at the same time so complex...


Everyone is an artist

Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives
Joseph Beuys


the Gas Man (el butaneeeero!!!)

 Lucas is the more popular Gas Man of the neighbourhood

He loves his job

He loves walking in the streets making strange sounds with his cilinders to attract people attention while shoutting: Butanooooo!!!!

Just now one woman has asked for one cilinder of gas and he begins his way up....

It's the sixth floor and there's no elevator in the building!!!

As much as he goes up, he stairs seem steeper and steeper

But he finally makes it! t
The door is open and he hears a woman's voice invinting him to got the kitchen

Finally you are here!!! she says
Why have it been taking you so long?!?

Come on! Change the gas Cilinder now!

I I have to finish the coocking of the rice or it will be ruined soon!

 Lucas suggest her to have a couple of spare gas cilinders in the balcony, so this will not happen again!

Once the new cilinder is set, Lucas takes a rest to recover from the climbing

The lady kindly offers him a glass of lemonade

While he finishes his drink, she says to that she loves his black hair while touching it...

Isn't it hot here?! ? 
she says while taking her housecoat out

But what are doing, ma'am?''
I beg you to put back your cloths inmediately!

Come on, don't be shy boy, and stay with me a little longer....
I know you want to stay, don't deny it!

I'm sorry, I have to leave now!
I  have still a lot of cilinders of gas to deliver!!!

Why are you leaving? I don't understand...
...this is not like the stories people explains about the butaneros!

  Lucas scapes quickly and gets to the door!

He runs down the stairs so fast that he almost drops his cilinder! 

When he's reaches the street he looks up to the lady's balcony and discovers that she had already 2 spare cilinders in her balcony!!!

Just then he hears a very familiar sound... it the sound of his truck engine!!!

Somebody is stealing his truck with all the cilinders of gas on it!!!!

Lucas runs and tries to reach his truck, but the thief is speeding like a fool and he looses it!

It's been a hard day for our Favorite Gas Man!
He's tired and confused and he wonders where must it be his truck by now...
If he read the newspapers or watch the news he would have the answer:
click here to know where is his truck gone...


No More Excuses

 Last Saturday we went to a demonstration

 The message was very clear

 The solution cannot be posposed for any longer!

Maybe if we shout it loud all together

The world will begin to pay atention to us!!!

If you want to see last years Refugees Welcome demonstration click here


Another Unforgettable Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day and Lucas has invited Nancy to his place to have dinner!

Nancy has been to the best Hairdresser of the city to curly her hair to be ready for this important  date!

Her hair is now perfect, but she has nothing to wear, so she to find a trendy dress...

 Don't panic!

  She's in the neighborhood with the trendiest shops...

 and shoe stores!

 While she walks through the streets she can feel it... love is in the air! 

 But when she arrives to Lucas place this is the dreadfull scene she finds!!!

- Lucas, what are you doing in your pijama's eating junk food??? Have you forgotten is Valentine's Day?

  - Eh.... of course not, Nancy! I just thought it woud be nice to have an informal Valentine's date...

 - Lucas I'm not going to have fries for Valentine's dinner!!!

 - Don't worry, Nancy, I am going to call to order for the perfect Valentine's dinner...

 - Well Lucas, cold pizza was not exactly my idea of the perfect Valentine's dinner....

- What about an Street Fighter game to go on with this ideal Valentine's Day?

 - Are you kidding me, Lucas?!? I'm not going to play battle videogames with you in Valentine's day!

 I have been hours dressing up and I was expecting a romantic evening...
I'm sorry but I have leave you!!!

 - Don't leave Nancy!!!  I think I know what you want!

- Let's listen to some romantic music...

 - José Luis Perales! 
Oh my God, Lucas! I can't believe that you really think this is what I really want...

Just 5 minutes of José Luis Perales tape and Nancy falls deeply asleep...

 Lucas already knew she wouldn't be able to stand it for very long...
the Perales somniferous effect is irresistible!

Finally the day is over... It's been another unforgettable Valentine's day!

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