Cook-Imaginary Competition -VIth Edition

Thanks to the Great Host, everything is ready to celebrate the VI edition of The Cook-Imaginary Competition!

 While the nervous contestants wait locked in the kitchen...

 ... the jury proceed to analise the dishes: 
first a visual inspection

 then the smell checking

 and finally the texture analysis 

 and the taste, of course!

You have to reallly FOCUS to answer the questionnaire prepared by the Excellent Secretaries!

 While the Re-counting is made, you can enjoy the delicacies cooked by the other members of the jury

 And finally... the competion results are here!!!

Great Competitors and Great Trophies!!!

And after so much eating and drinking, useless junk presents for everybody!

See you all  next year at the VIIth edition!!!


No Fight, No Future

 There's a new generation of dolls who have realised that...

... playing is necessary, but not enough!

 They organise assemblies in occupied spaces to discuss their strategy

 The neighbours are very curious about them

and they are beginning to join their movement!

  Their principles are clear and simple

 They are afraid of nothing...

 Nothing at all!!!

 But to fight for your rights is not easy

 You need Languages

 and to learn all kind of things

These dolls know that the best way to clarify your ideas is to argue and share your point of view with the others

 At the end of the day, they agree mainly in one thing:

No fight, No Future


The Magical Morning

 After a long sleepless night, Mari and Pili are enjoying the presents that the Three Wise Men have left in their living room...

 These year they must have been really good girls...

 ...because the have receipt the toys they asked in their letters, and even more!

 But there's something more inside an envelope in that corner...

 These cloths are so beautiful!

But they are too small for Mari and Pili!

Who must they be for?

Yes, of course, for their older sisters, the Nancys!
The Three Wise Men are so wise that they know that they love stripes and that red is their favorite color!!!

And what about this nice smell? it's so clean and fresh!

Thank you Lili for these wonderful prensent!!!!



Gianna and Noelle have decided to participate in the Lost&Found Market

 Noelle knows that to get good sales results you don't only have to bring an atractive range of vintage objects...

 ... but to plan also a good marketing strategy: merchandise placement, communication strategies and costumer service, everything counts!

  Though some of the products are able to sell themselves just with the help of their charm!

 But the market experience it's not just a question of money:

 you can make new good friends among your costumers...

 and even to start an interesting acquaintance with the cool seller of the stand nearby!

The market day has been a total success! 
Our favorite hipster sellers hope they will be able to come back in 3 months!


Famous Twin Sisters

  A Huge parcel has arrived today to the Nancy's Home!!!

- Hey, everbody, come! 
We have received a present from Italy!!!

 - Wow!!! It's so big!!!
- What shall it be?  Let's open it!

 - It's written for Nancy Star, but she's not home... we can't open it!

 -But she may be out for hours, we're her sisters... let's open it!!!!

- Well, this is a democacy, isn't it? So let's make a referendum to know what we should do:
Rise your right hand if you think we should open the parcel now...

 Absolute Majority!!!

- Let's open the parcel!!!

 - Come on!!! We're almost done!!!
(Suddenly, the door opens...)

 - But what are you doing?!?
 This parcel has my name on it! You can't open it!

- Come on, go away and leave me alone with my parcel!

Nancy Star is so nervous, She's been all her life waiting for this moment!!!

 Standing at the edge of an historical moment in her life!
Finally  she's going to meet her...

 ... her Italian Twin Sister:
Nancy Ballerina!

 I't, s amazing after so many years they haven't changed a bit!
They are still identical twins!!!

- Ballerina, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!