Puesta a Punto

After all the large meals and excesses of Christmas' Holidays,
it's time to get back in shape and be fit again!
 Let's go back to the TV classics for inspiration:

 Hello Friends!
I am Eva Nasarre and I welcome you to our daily fine tuning program: Puesta a Punto!

 Let's start with the neck exercices...

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8


... expire
and now the back exercices

 now to the floor!

Now we are going to work on the abdominals

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8

 and now the legs

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8

and now we are going to repeat everything with the best 80's music!!!

That's all for today, folks!
See you tomorrow at the same hour in the same channel!


The Wise Men have come

 January 5th: To wait for the wise Men in a cold evening can be hard...

 But once they come, the emotion is high!!!

 Will they pass by the Lourdes' home tonight?

January 6th:  the Lourdes find their presents!
At the first sigh he charcoal or the underwear may be disappointing... but there are many more presents!!!

January 7th: just one day to play with all the new toys!!!

January 8th: the Lourdes have to go to school
But hey are not able to say farewell to their new dolls!

So they put them in their new backpacks and take them to the school!
We'll see what the teacher has to say about having some new pupils in class...


Options to start a New Year

There's many ways to start a new year...

Some people choose to eat like a horse

 and to drink like a fish

 The real results of these type of elections are quite messy on the following morning!

Some other people choose to inaugurate the year with a nice walk by the sea...

and with a profound and philosofical conversation!

There's not one option better than the other, both options are valid if you do it with the right companion!!!


Sant Esteve

 December the 26h... another family meal!!!

 But this one is different from the 25th..
Toay we have cannelloni made with yesterdays' leftovers

 Nancy has had some problems with the's full of clots!!!

 Butn don't worry, the Thermomix will fix it fast!

 Then some minutes in the oven...
 ... and ready to serve!

The  cannelloni preparation can be long and ponderous... 
but it's worthy when you see the happyness of your family!


Christmas Story

November. 28th, Nancy is already looking for the perfect Christmas gifts!

 Interesting jumpers... which one should she choose?

 The Rudolf jumper will be perfect for Lucas!!!

 November 24th, 8 PM... Lucas is looking for Nancys' present... 
but most the shops are already closed!!!

 It's a pity this boutique is closed... because this would fit perfectly on her!!!

 Thanks God, Cartier is also closed... 
Suddenly Lucas has a last minute idea!

Christmas diner is over... it's time for the presents!

It seems that  the least problem of Lucas last minute idea (the iron and an ironing board)
isn't that it's not even wrapped!

On the other hand, Lucas doesn't seem very happy with the Rudolf jumper,
But Nancy insists that he has to wear it!

 To forget the presents failure, Nancy begins to attack the Panetone...

 ...and Lucas, the wine!
Finally Nancy forgives Lucas about the iron affaire and lets him take off the new jumper

Finally,  they forget about the presents mess and focus in what is really important:
they toast for another Christmas together!


La Cerdanya Escape

The Nancys have scaped the city to enjoy the bank holiday in La Cerdanya.
They are really lucky because some realatives have offered them the best house you can imagine!

 The first thing they have to do is to get some provisions...
in the Wine Palace of Llivia they will find everything they may need!


 Well, they will have also to go to the peaceful Carrefour Market of Bourg Madame!
While one of them queues in the crowded boxes...

 The other one is looking for the stinkiest french cheeses she can find!

 Once the shopping is done, 
they can go to Puigcerdà to get the hottest news of the Cerdanya social life!

They discover that here there's still some people that thinks that the best way to fight the cold is to steal the skin to an animal!!!

 The next morning, they decide to go for a walk in the nature while their friends are playing with their smartphones!

 They realize that the Cerdanya cows are not as quiet as they look like from the car

 and also that the iced rivers can be really dangerous!

And what can you do to cool after a nice walk in the snow?
Yes! go to the Dorres Baths!!!

In the beginning the Nancys seem a little scared of getting into the water

 But  just after a while, they feel like in heaven!

 Can you think of a better to enjoy the snow that to have a sun bath lying on it?!

 Back at home, they make themselves confortables and light the fireplace

 There's no better place to end a perfect day!

 On their last day in the Pyrnees, the Nancys decide to go to Andorra

 The route to El pas de la Casa is impressive!

As Lord Byron used to say, their altars are the mountains and the ocean!

 Once in Andorra la Vella, the Nancys go back to their usual shopping way of life!

 In Adnorra you can find anything you can imagine at the best prices: 
electronics, parfums, fashion...

 But they focus their purchases on their 2 main vices: 

 ... and Tobacco!

 And the best part of the scape comes at the end: 
6 hours of traffic jam to go back to Barcelona!

While trapped in the road, the Nancys promise themselves that they will never make this mistake again, that next time they will avoid the jam... but everybody knows that it will happen again and again!
There's no possible scape without prison!