Get ready for The Love Boat

Nancy is going to spend her holidays on a luxury Cruise in The Love Boat with Barbie
She has tried on her bikini and she's not satisfied at all!!!

"Oh, my god!!!... this is not possible! 
I can't be in bikini next to Barbie in the Pacific Princess pool being so fat!"

Ler's start an express Bikini Operation!!!

 Gim sessions twice a day

 despite listening again and again this summer greatest hits cassette,

 gim can be really boring...

 But the worst part of the Express Bikini Operation is the diet:
eating  just salad all day long!!!

After 1 week of strict diet, she can't stand it anymore and she revolts!

"As God is my witness, as God is my witness they're not going to beat me. I'm going to live through this and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!"

 "Let's reconquer my own fridge!"

 "Oh, yes! this is paradise!"
"My dear saturated fats, I've missed you so much!!!"

"Finally, real food, not green at all!!!"

 Nancy's trying her new outfit for having dinner with Captain Stubing..
... everything is perfectly matched!

 Well, don't worry Nancy, you are not as skinny as Barbie, but you look great!!!
You'll the be The love Boat Star!!!

Nancy' has prepared a light luggage with the essential stuff for 1 week long cruise

Enjoy your holidays Nancy!!!
...and give our regards to Captain Stubing and his crew!!!


A real summer day

 Tressy and Virginia have been invited to a country house with swiming pool...
They have brought their dolls Mariquita and Kewpie to share this great summer day

 Virginia can't wait to go to the pool, but Tressy is really hungry...

 While Virginia is taking swimming lessons from 2 experienced swimmers...

...Tressy and Mariquita finish up all the crisps in the house!

But now they are not allowed to go into the water, they will have to wait 3 hours until they finish their digestion!!!!

It's not nice to be by the water in this hot summer day, while they see Virginia enjoying in the pool!

 Virginia would like to play with the other children, but they don't seem to even notice her...

 "Hello!!! I want also to assemble a Tower!"

 "Hey, can't you hear me? May we play with you?!?"

 And finally, yes!!! a  3 story tower!
Virginia is light and stands still, the best enxaneta you can imagine!

 And after the pool, some tree climbing and soccer with another new friend

Meanwhile, Kewpie has the whole swimming pool only for himself!

So many games and activities are exhausting...
It's not a real summer day if you don't take a good siesta on a hammock!


Night of Witches (Sant Joan 2015)

 Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our traditional celebration of the Night of Witches!
We are in our favorite terrace again and we are ready to share with you our Summer Solstice Rituals

Our volunteers this year are:

 The great and renomed flying doll: Barbie Boom!

The unic and imcomparable doll: Vintage Powder!

 and the young but brave doll: Helena Pertard!

We are going to start with the youngest.. Let's see how she reacts to danger...

And more difficult still...


She has becomed our new hero!

Barbie Boom is now ready to touch the stars...

Oh, my good an inititial failure!!!

 Let's see if Vintage Powder can take off with 2 propulsion rockets ...

the experiment has been a total success!!!

But Barbie Boom is not satisfied with her first failure...
She will never surrender!
This time she will try to reach the moon with 4 propulsion rockets!!!

That's one small step for doll, one giant leap for dollkind!!!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for us to say goodbye...
We hope you have enjoyed our annual Summer Solstice Rituals, 
and that we can meet again next year!

(if you want to see what happened the previous years click here and here)


Barceloneta Dreamin'

The Nancys have been dreaming for a long time to spend their holidays in the Barceloneta...
And finally, here they are: ready to discover and enjoy!

Like any other tourist in the world, they don't want to be like any other tourist in the world...

They are different, they feel different! They don't want to do the tings that the rest of tourists do, like taking pictures to the monuments and just going where the Lonely Planet tells you to go.

They want to discover the real Barceloneta

its inhabitants

its real neighbours!

their life in the streets

and their warm welcome towards the foreigners

After a long and concious walk around the neighbourhood (of more or less 15 minutes), 
they can conclude that everything is under control...

So it's time to go to the beach!

It's not the most paradisiacal beach in the world.... it's full of people

and the views are not exactly natural...

but it's very gratifying to realise that they are not as white as the locals...

 and  that the water is surprinsingly clean!

In the Barceloneta beach, you can find any type of service you could imagine: 
fresh Mojitos and Sangrias!

 Body massages!

 pareos and dresses for everyone!

 and cans of beer until dawn!

And when the great beach day is coming to the end...

The bright Barceloneta night life is waiting for our Nancys...

They are not sure of the meaning of the banner on the balcony... 
...but they guess that it must be a welcome message for the tourists! 

Yes, it's going to be another great night in Barceloneta!