Cleaning Sunday

 It's Sunday: Nancy's day off...
 But she has to spend it doing the housework!

Cleaning the house is noy exactly fun...

 ... but somebody has to do it!!!

 "Oh, my god, these socks of Lucas are so dirty that I will have to wash them by hand!"

 By the way, guess what is Lucas doing while Nancy's washing his socks?

 He's watching TV!!!
Barça is playing this Sunday, they may win the Liga today!

 " It's OK, Lucas, don't worry. You know I love you, but I'll get my revenge very soon"

 "Lucas, you will have to do the housework the 6th of June, while I watch TV,
You owe me this one!"


70's memories

Palm Sunday was a very important day for many kids back in the 70's:

 it meant not only the official start of holidays...

but also the oportunity to wear for the first time your new spring dress!

You had also to stand your parents taking the same boring pictures each year!

 And after this repetitive initiation rite...

 Easter was almost there!

Tones of chocolate for everyone...

and technological chick toys to play along!



  Marilena is tired of wearing always the same oldfashioned black shoes, 
she wants some orange shoes to wear with her outfit, but she can't find her size in the shops

 If you can't find it, there's only one solution: JUST DO IT.

 After days of research and work she has managed to design and model her ideal shoes with Rhino...

 ... now it's just a question of printing them!

 But to achieve a good printing quality is not so easy...

There's so many factors to consider and control: 
the type of plastic, the fusion temperature, the height of the layers...

 But Marilena is lucky, her friend Gabriela is a very good engineer and is going to help her to set correctly all the paramenters

It has to be a continous feedback process between design and production

 Team work and patience will do the rest!

 And finally, here we are: the best orange shoes in the world!

 And now, of course, Gabriela wants also to have some shoes to fit with her outfit!

 Now problem! Just change the plastic roll...

... and adjust the parameters to the new material

 And finally, here we are: the best green shoes in the world!

But shoes are just the beginning!
With some good ideas and work, you can design and print anything you can imagine...


Cook-Imaginary Competition -VIth Edition

Thanks to the Great Host, everything is ready to celebrate the VI edition of The Cook-Imaginary Competition!

 While the nervous contestants wait locked in the kitchen...

 ... the jury proceed to analise the dishes: 
first a visual inspection

 then the smell checking

 and finally the texture analysis 

 and the taste, of course!

You have to reallly FOCUS to answer the questionnaire prepared by the Excellent Secretaries!

 While the Re-counting is made, you can enjoy the delicacies cooked by the other members of the jury

 And finally... the competion results are here!!!

Great Competitors and Great Trophies!!!

And after so much eating and drinking, useless junk presents for everybody!

See you all  next year at the VIIth edition!!!