Two Way Mirror

  December the 23rd, Nancy is doing her last minute shopping before Christmas

 Evertything seems to be under control...

 ... until 3 diabolic steps appear in front of her without previous notice!

 What a disaster!

 Nancy can't stand up or walk by herself,
she will have to be taken to the hospital by ambulance!!!

Where does it hurt, Mrs. Nancy?

This is the diagnosis:
Right Leg: broken kneecap and twisted ankle...

 ...Left leg: a broken foot bone and another twisted ankle!!!

 Mrs. Nancy, you should you call your husband and tell him to pick you up...

 Ohhh my good, how did it happen!?!

 Mr Lucas, your wife will be immobilized for at least 6 weeks...
... you will have to take care of her until she can walk!

Everyday Lucas has to shoot Nancy heparin to avoid the coagulation caused by the inactivity

 And every single day, Nancy tries to scape of it!!!

These days Lucas is having plenty of new experiences!!!

 For the first time in his life, Lucas has to cook,

 wash the dishes,

 and even do the laundry!!!

 And meanwhile, what is Nancy doing?
watching Soap Operas in TV

 and chatting by whatsup  with her friends! 
It's also a new way of life for her!

 Every saturday morning, Lucas takes Nancy to the supermarket, so she can control the purchasings and plan the week meals...

 but even there, she can't avoid to check her whatsup fresh news!

Under Lucas point of view, hopefully this situation will end soon!!!
But under Nancy's point of view, it's a pity that this situation will end someday!!!


Work-Family Conciliation

 Nancy is a working woman, with 3 kids...

 ... and a dog!

She has acheived a true work-family balance

 Work-Family Conciliation is possible if you believe in it!

 If you are organized and flexible...

...sooner or later everything will be under control!!!

Don't give up, Nancy!


Nancy, the Nutcracker and the Mouse King

 January 5th, 4 PM: Nancy still doesn't know what to ask to the Three Kings

 She has spent hours trying to write her letter, but she's not sure of what she needs
So in order to overtake the Blank Page Syndrome...

 ...she decides to take a walk to get inspiration

 Nancy enters a big department store and she meets some new dolls:
they seem good girls, but too modern for her!

She can't understand why people buy so many things and queue to pay just some hours before that the Three kings are arriving to town!
¿Don't do they know that if they write their letters, tomorrow morning they could have all these things for free?

 In the Department Store she meets the Royal Postman and his Page.

Nancy explains to the Postman that her letter is blank, that the Three Kings can bring her anything they decide!

In the morning of January the 6th, Nancy cant' wait to dress and hurries up to discover what the Three Kings have brought her...

 I'ts a wooden Nuremberg Nutcracker!!!
She loves it!

 But suddenly, a giant mouse appears!!!!

I't's the mouse King, who wants to steal Nancy's Nutcracker!!!!

If you want to know the end of this weird Christmas story, you will have to read E.T.A. Hoffman's book or attend to the Tchaikovsky's Ballet!


Slight Differences

Adults think teenagers are all the same...

 They all wear the same cloths,

 they all do and like the same things

but if you take a close look

 you can begin to notice the differences...

 ... the big differences

 and the slight ones that unveil their real personality!

 Nothing is the same

 even if it looks almost alike

Let's toast to our slight differences that make us the same!