String Game

 The string game is Cristina's favourite

Just with an string and your hands you can build figures like beds, buterflies or flowers!

Everybody things that is an easy game to play...

...but it's not as easy as it seems!

How can we call this expresive figure?
Abstract Art?


Marta and the ropes

It is already November... but it feels like summer!

The Martas decides to take advange of the warm weather to jump the rope

 The rope is the secret of their success

 It helps tehm to stay fit and relax...

 Though sometimes the rope is the origen of many discussions among them!

 They always end up arguing about the turns of jumping..

Suddenly another Marta appears

She asks the the other 3 if she can play with them

 But they refuse...

 They don't want to play with somebody dressed in winter clothes: it's "only" November!

After some hesitation they decide to accept her...
they realize that it is not her fault the Climate Change!


Weekend Essentials

This weekend Nancy'going to Mallorca with one friend!!!

To begin she has to prepare her vanity case: just the indispensable items...

 and then the most difficult part: to choose the cloths to take with her
all her jeans may look the same, but they are very different!

 She tries all the possible stripe outfit combinations
Weather, different activities, change of plans...
so many complex factors have to be considered!

Finally it's seems that all the Weekend Essentials are decided...
all of them?

No! The  most important part is missing: shoes 
just the basic ones will do for one weekend

It may seem impossible to fit all this in the suitcase,
but the old trick of sitting on the suitcase never fails!

When Nancy meets her friend, she realises that they have brought just the same!

Her friend is a much more experienced doll!

Nancy's so happy!!!
If they both have the same concept of Weekend Essentials, this mean that she's already become also a classic like her friend!


Marvelous Sevilla

Guess where is Nancy flying

 Yes!!! Sevilla!

 and the first thing she does when she arrives to Sevilla is...

 eating Tapas, of course!

and walking its amazing streets!

On her first night Nancy discovers that this city can be really mysteriuos...

On the next day, Nancy wants to visit everything:

 The charming streets and squares of Santa Cruz!

the best hotel in town...

 the Alcazar palaces and gardens

the most famous virgin of sevilla: the Great Macarena!

she has even time to visit the most interesting shop in the city!

When the night comes, she's exhausted...

but she can't go to sleep before eating Tapas again!

and making some new friends!!!

 On the following day, Nancy attends to the Blythe Convention

Dollyole is great!!!

 but Nancy feels a little misplaced among so many Blythes!

 The outfits are impresive... but they are too small for her!

Walking the Sevilla street Nancy realizes that she wants to become a real Sevilla Girl...

 So she has to change her outfit

to  try the local pastry

and to go to la Maestranza to meet a real torero

Finally she goes to Triana to discover the authentic Soul of the city!

 On her last day in Sevilla, Nancy goes to the Flea market in La Cartuja

 She goes also the Andalusian Center of Contemporay Art

Nancy discovers that Sevilla has peaceful places to experience art

and also really interesting contemporary architecture!

Back at home again, Nancy tries to recall the Marvelous Sevilla flavors
You are all invited to try her Gazpacho!!!