True Scotsman

 This year the Nancys have chosen Scotland to spend their holidays

 They have heard that Scotland is very beatiful but this is not the real reason of their choice...

 One day, while having a walk in the countryside, they hear a distant bagpipe music...

Thay still don't know, but it comes from the McLucas Castle!

 They follow the sound and finally they arrive to the castle!

 McLucas is always happy to receive visitors from overseas and answer their questions about the Castle or the scottish culture...

 - So ladies, do you have any questions about Scotland?

 -Well, we have just one question, i'ts a very easy question to answer...

 - We would like to know if it's true what they about the Scotsmen...

 - But ladies, what are you doing?!? Stop, please!!!

Finally the mistery is solved!

It's True!!! MacLucas is a true Scotsman!!!


  1. Son realmente guapas estas viajeras, y muy descaradas también!!

    1. jajaaj, lo cortes no quita lo valiente!!!